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Why we are What You Need

Thorough market research

We figure out your market, how to position your business on the right side of the competition, and how to create something impactful that will bring in your desired result.

Quality over quantity

We take quality audience over quantity audience very seriously, to make sure that your ad campaign generates the best possible return for you.

Strong years of experience

We have strong experience in growing, scaling, and optimizing eCommerce & DTC businesses — you can just relax and let our team take things forward.

Clear communication

You can count on us to give you a dedicated project manager because we want to make sure that all communication is 1-on-1 and that there’s someone to help you every step along the way.

Daily progress reports

We have a data-backed popper system to provide you with regular updates on your ad campaign to give a clear idea of the work progress so that we’re on the same page.

Result-driven approach

In a crowded market, our creative team knows what it takes to get your customers' attention. Hence, we create highly optimized visuals and copy that grabs attention and drives action.

Structured system and process

We are committed to growing e-com brands: all our processes & SOPs are designed in a systematic manner to help you build a bulletproof, consistent funnel, without any hiccups.

In-depth client understanding

We believe that great ideas start with a good understanding of your business, so we take the time to understand your business and it’s brand, and growth goals.

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55+ customer reviews

You have heard of them, we work with them

and counting...

You have heard of them, we work with them

and counting…

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Facebook Ads

Our Fb ads cater to specific customer types and show customers who are interested in your products. We target prospects having the right buying intent in their mind, helping you maximize your ROAS.

Google Ads

With our Google ads campaign, you can capitalize on the billions of searches that take place on Google daily, and quickly capture the attention of your potential buyers.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are your vehicle to reach your target audience in a way that motivates them to take action. As part of a strong digital strategy, we help you tap into the power of Instagram.

Ads Designing

With visually impactful and highly optimized ads we grab the attention of your target audience and make them stop in their tracks and have them say "What's that?"

Ads Copywriting

We only write content that grabs the attention of your target audience, ignites curiosity, stirs negativity, piques emotions, and highlights every benefit of your product at one glance.

Remarketing Ads

With Remarketing Ads you get to tap into the data your registered customers already possess and make sure they are exposed to your ads across many platforms.

How we work

Step 1

We hop on a quick call to understand and analyze your business thoroughly and see where the leakages might lie and how we can make the most out of the ad campaign.

Step 2

If we feel we can scale up your business with profitability, we go ahead and schedule a second meeting where we discuss all the fundamental elements required for delivering maximum results.

Step 3

Next, we share a go-to checklist for your overall website. It includes vital elements and a concrete structure that will help you increase your overall conversation rate on the website.

Step 4

Further, we start implementing our winning ads structure and strategies — which includes regular testing, scaling, and targeted remarketing.

Step 5

Throughout the journey, you’ll be kept posted about the progress of your project. There will be regular calls for discussing new strategies, and suggestions, and sharing a projection plan for the next 6 months to make sure it aligns rightly with your business goals.

Note: The screenshot will be blurred because it’s our secret sauce but don’t worry we will show this in our meeting and we will discuss that as well.

Let’s see if we are a perfect fit

We are a right match if:

Your website is at least 6 months old
You understand how important it is to have high-quality photos, videos, and content on your website for conversions.
You are a business-minded person and you’re in for the long term, not short-term goals.
You consider the efforts and time in marketing as investments for the future.
Your product satisfies a strong market demand and you have proof of product-market fit.
You have a thorough understanding of your cost of sales and profits and have at least a 35% gross margin on the product.
You are a hands-on marketer and have at least INR 2 Lakh/month Ads budget for the Indian market, and a $5000/month ad budget for the USA, Canada, and UK markets.

We sadly can’t work together if:

You’re new to the industry and still haven’t figured out and validated your business idea.
Your ad campaigns do not generate revenue for a few weeks, your business will shut.
You have an unusually high return rate and a number of consumer complaints.
You consider digital marketing as harry potter’s magic wand that will make you super rich in the next 24 hours.
Of the several factors, the lowest price is the only deciding factor for you.
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55+ customer reviews

Marketing Musketeer is a proud Google Partner

Google has assessed our skills and verified our performances which qualified us to be a part of its Google Partners program.

Have questions in mind? We’ve got you covered

Will you give any guarantee?

If you are expecting the revert in YES then we’re sorry to disappoint you. This is because business is a marathon not a sprint and it takes time, effort, and investment to reach a level.

We want that client should also think about a long-term relationship with us and then we will discuss what we all need to do things to generate crazy results for the business. It's a two-way relationship and everyone needs to do their part and automatically you will see the results.

We have tested and proven systems and we work according to that. If you are a believer in focusing on process and results will surely come then we would love to chat with you. But don't worry we will share the detailed 6 months projection plan for spending v/s revenue we can get. We define our target first and then we work accordingly.

Do you work with any company?

We do not work with any business. We only work with brands that have:

  1. Solid product to market fit
  2. Proof of concept
  3. Creative capacity
  4. Commendable customer service
  5. Impeccable user experience, etc.

Are you with the right agency or why should you choose us?

To know this, you need to ask yourself certain questions. Then you should know if you need to look for a better agency:

  1. Does the agency have ROI and KPI-focused goals for your business?
  2. Do they provide timely reports about the campaign performance?
  3. Do they provide you outlines about the upcoming strategies to achieve your goals?
  4. Do they have a skill full team and proper ads structure to achieve KPIs?
  5. Do they share feedback and inputs for you to work from your side because it’s a 2-way relationship so everyone needs to do their part?
  6. Do they have a proper system for coordination and giving you updates regarding work which has been done, those are going and the upcoming work which team is going to work?
  7. Do they understand your vision for your brand?
  8. Do they focus properly on your account on daily basis?
  9. Do they have actual results to show you? Not some shady screenshots, actual results to show live or in video format

We make sure to cover all these points for every client. We have a proper system, SOPs, and procedures for everything starting from what the work team will do to the detailed reporting of the campaign. You must have got a glimpse of everything above. But you are welcome to ask about scaling your business in the upcoming business meeting where they’ll be sharing the plan for your brand’s growth.

How much do you charge?

As you know business depends upon many variables and it varies business to business. So we understand the client business first as we mentioned that we do 2 meetings so in 1st meeting we understand client business, their need, requirement and goals and then we do our homework for what kind of strategies and work need to achieve the goal and on the basis of this our service charge varies

What’s your team size?

We have 9+ team size. We would love to share about our team with you. You can check more on about page on our website

When did you start the company?

Our founders are working in this field since 2018 and Marketing Musketeer was born on 4th Feb 2019 with their unique name.

How long do I have to wait for the results?

We will share the detailed 6 months projection plan for spending V/s revenue we can get. We define our target first and then we work accordingly.

What kind of ad campaigns would you create for me?

We have a proper structure for that and we made it with our tested and proven structure and we are going to share it with you in 2nd meeting.

Is there any minimum budget for Ads?

Yes, we would need at least 1 Lakh INR for Indian market and at least USD ($) 3000 for markets like USA, UK, Canada, etc.

Get ready to take your eCommerce game to the next level

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